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For drivers

Are you coming  to Prague for a meeting or just want to visit Prague? Have no idea about parking situation in the city?
You are at right place, at a website
. Our website saves you a lot of time and troubles due to parking in Prague.
On our interactive map easily select the parking near to your destination. At selected parking lots at our parking system which are connected on-line you can book right now. Their number is still growing.
Register for free as a client and use  discounts and benefits from parking operators and their partners.
You will be informed about latest news as well.
Are you missing any specific parking lot on our map? Let us know at, we will contact them and offer exceptional cooperation.

For car park operators

The website brings you not only guarantee arriving clients, but also many technical innovations that will save you considerable expenses and time.
With a unique system of online services we offer:
- online booking of an available parking capacity.
- Online overview of the operations and activities at your parking lot
- Mobile payments in real time
- minimizing cash payments = to protect your cash flow
- The opportunity to join a unique service payments for parking via mobile phones with the lowest transaction fees
- The involvement of your partners in the affiliation cooperation = mutual support in business (hotels, shops, services in the area)


 For other entrepreneurs

Reach a unique target group of clients – car drivers
- Take advantage by banner advertising on the website and offer your services to drivers traveling through Prague
- Join car park operators in your area and create a unique system of mutual support business activities


Parking in Prague

Parking in the city of Prague is very limited. On-street parking in the city center is strictly regulated.
Most of the streets are signed by "blue stripes", they are for residents only. By parking in the blue zone you risk a penalty or towing away.
Then you can see white dashed lines – at this locations  is  parking allowed. They are complemented by a traffic sign with an orange or green stripe.
At the "orange" zone you can park up to two hours. At the "green" zone can park six hours. Opening hours, method of payment and the price is always indicated on the parking machine. Therefore we recommend you to choose nearest parking lot to your location and to park the car there.


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