1. Why use Bezpečné parkování.cz (Safe

Here you can find the choice of proven safe public parking lots and garages. You can park your car with a feeling it is being taken care of and go about your business.

2. How does it work?

Enter a destination in the search box and click at the magnifying glass or simply click on the magnifying glass to see the entire city. Move the cursor on the icon of the selected car park. You will see the basic information. Click at the icon to see a detailed information about the parking lot.

3. Registration

If you register as a client, you can make online bookings without having to fill out the booking form each time. You will also have the access to individual events and discounts offered by partners of the portal and you will receive the news bulletin.

4. Is the registration necessary?

No it is not necessary. Anyone can make online parking reservation on the portal anonymously. The only required fields are email and mobile phone number in the format +420 123 456 789. However the benefits of the registration are those mentioned in the point 3.

5. Who is the portal Bezpečné Parkování (Safe Parking) for?

Anyone who is looking for a safe parking place for their car in Prague can find the information on the portal. Whether it is parking for an hour, a day, a month or a year ....

6. How much does it cost?

Services of the portal are for end users – drivers free of any charge. The only payment a driver has to make is the actual price for parking when completing the booking at the selected car park. In order to complete the booking successfully it is necessary to make the payment. The quickest way to make the payment is via Česká spořitelna´s secure interface if you pay by a credit card (tip: Are online transactions permitted on your credit card?). That means if you make a payment you immediately receive a parking card into your mailbox even though the money could actually arrive at the parking operator´s account later.

7. Is it safe to make payments on Bezpečné Parkování (Safe Parking) portal?

Yes. All payment transactions executed either by credit card or bank transfer are carried out and verified by certified partners, through secure channels operated by banks. Data about your cash transactions, card or account numbers cannot be viewed, collected, stored or accessed via the portal Bezpečné Parkování (Secure Parking). The only information about the client stored on the portal is the e-mail address and mobile phone number. If the client provides name and address than also that data. This information is managed in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. and you need not to worry about their abuse. It will not be disclosed to any third parties.

8. Do I have to book the parking place via Bezpečné parkování.cz (Safe

You do not have to, but we recommend it for your peace of mind. Bezpečné parkování.cz (Secure allows you to pre-book your parking. When you use this service, you simply arrive at the selected car park, show your parking card and if you adhere to the specified time you leave and it is all. You make another payment on the spot, only if you exceed a defined period of parking.

9. Why are some parking lots blue and some grey?

Blue car parks are active partners to the portal. They are certified and we recommend their services. Grey car parks are parking lots, we know, but the operators still do not cooperate with the portal or do not meet our criteria.

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